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Forge 19.7 for STU3 - FHIR DevDays 2018 Amsterdam Edition

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Forge 19.7 for STU3

FHIR DevDays 2018 Amsterdam Edition

This release is a major update that introduces a couple of new features.
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Update to FHIR .NET API 1.0.0-alpha6 (internal release). Improved access to parser configuration settings, to relax input validation. Forge is now fully based on the new flexible API parsing logic based on ISourceNode.

User Interface

  • NEW! Project Dependency Manager This release introduces support for FHIR NPM packages, versioned published containers for conformance resources such as profiles, extension definitions etc.

    The Project Browser provides a new Dependency Manager tab page. A project can define one or more package dependencies. Add project dependencies by browsing packages from Simplifier. Downloaded packages are managed in a global FHIR package cache. Forge resolves all external references from the list of dependencies. Add profile extensions from extension definitions in package dependencies. Derive a new profile from a base profile in a package dependency. Publish your project to Simplifier and create a new package for others to consume.

    Note: this initial release fetches the highest package version from Simplifier. Future Forge updates will introduce improved support for versioning dependencies.

  • Help menu
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  • NEW! JSON Support

    Forge now also supports FHIR resources in JSON format. When opening a project folder, you can now also configure the preferred format (XML or JSON). This folder-specific configuration setting controls which format should take precedence, in case the project folder contains multiple representations of the same profile with the same canonical url. Note that JSON support in Forge has some limitations:

    • Directory listing in Folder Explorer is optimized for XML. The XML format is ordered, allowing Forge to quickly scan existing profiles for relevant metadata (from beginning of each file). The JSON format is unordered, as a result scanning can be (much) slower and/or extract only partial information. This limitation is inherent to the JSON format. Therefore, we recommend to use the XML format with Forge.
    • The XML tab always renders XML preview, independent of the actual serialization format on disk. We might also introduce JSON preview in a future release of Forge, depending on demand.
  • Relaxed input validation The previous FHIR API release introduced a completely new (de-)serialization layer. The new parsing logic is much more flexible and supports e.g. custom/invalid resources. However by default, the new parsers are strict and abort/throw on syntax error. As a result, the previous Forge release would fail to open invalid resources. This Forge release applies custom parser settings to relax input validation, allowing users to open invalid artifacts and correct syntax errors (such as empty values).

Bug fixes

  • Fix a couple of issues reported by our customers.
  • Introduced some new bugs...

If you want to submit a comment or report an issue, please contact us at

Happy profiling!

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