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Forge 19.1 for STU3 - DevDays Boston 2018 Edition

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Forge 19.1 for STU3 - DevDays Boston 2018 Edition

Forge release 19.1 represents a minor update that fixes a couple of annoying issues introduced in the 18.6 release. All users are recommended to update to the latest version. You can download and install the latest version from Simplifier.

Update to FHIR API 0.96.1-alpha1

Release notes

Stability update with some bug fixes and improvements. Includes two bug fixes for the snapshot generator:

  • #611 Snapshot Generator fails for derived profiles with sparse constraints on some existing named slices
  • #620 Snapshot Generator ignores multiple codings with only display value


  • Suppress SimpleQuantity errors
    The FHIR STU3 core specification contains a bug in the official definition of the SimpleQuantity datatype; the root element specifies a non-empty SliceName = "SimpleQuantity", which is invalid. This causes the snapshot generator to emit an error message when expanding any profile that (indirectly) references the SimpleQuantity datatype, such as an Observation profile. Strictly, the error is correct. However in Forge, this is confusing and not useful for the end user at all, since the issue originates from the spec itself. Forge now automatically fixes the core SimpleQuantity datatype definition during startup, by removing the invalid SliceName from the root element. By stripping the SliceName from the core definition, the snapshot generator no longer reports an error and user profiles no longer inherit the invalid SliceName.

  • Improved feedback when trying to connect with invalid credentials
    Forge now displays a friendly error message in case a FHIR server or Simplifier returns status code 401 (Unauthorized).

Bug fixes

  • Fix root element type corruption Forge release 18.6 introduced a bug where any change to a root element would also cause the root element type to change to "Resource", subsequently triggering a validation error. This issue now been fixed.

  • Fix empty authorization header In some circumstances, when connecting to a FHIR server anonymously, without specifying any credentials, Forge would add an empty authorization response header. The empty header would prevent connections to e.g. the HAPI FHIR server. The issue has now been fixed.

  • #611 Fix invalid interpretation of derived profile with constraints on existing named slices
    Note: a derived profile is allowed to append, not insert, new named slices to an existing slice group.

  • #620 Fix for snapshot generator issue concerning multiple codings with only a display value (reported by Carrick Gillespie)
    For a profile element that defines a list of codings with only display values, the generated snapshot would only include the first coding entry; remaining codings would be missing from the snapshot. This issue has now been fixed in the snapshot generator.

  • Allow extensions on root element of a DataType profile

  • Referencing profile should not inherit isModifier property from extension definition root When a profile references an external (primitive) extension definition marked with isModifier = true, then the the isModifier property value should NOT be inherited by the .extension element in the referencing profile.

  • Restore .StructureDefinition suffix in generated file names When you create a new profile, Forge now appends a resource type suffix to the generated file name, for example MyPatient.StructureDefinition.xml.

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