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Release notes Simplifier R18.1

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These are the release notes of Simplifier release 18.1.


We have added avatars for Simplifier projects and organizations. This should make it a easier to give your project an identity of itself. While we were at it, we added the same feature for user avatars. We already showed avatars for users, but they were fetched from Gravatar. Because not every body knew that and we wanted to because we wanted give people the freedom to have a Simplifier specific avatar, we added avatars for users. By default your Gravatar is set. So nothing will break.

Logo's as content

We have had several request from users to move the Logo image on a project. But our users had different opinions on where it should be, we decided to convert existing logo's to a binary resource in your project, just as you would do with images in your implementation guide. This way every project can choose it's own position for their logo image in the Projects description. If you see a strange user uploading a logo in your projects log, don't worry! That was our conversion tool.

Import Console

When you do an upload by hand we now show a console that outputs all the work from the importer. That way you can see what happened. It should give you more insight if you have questions why a certain resource was skipped during import.

Importer performance

We have done a lot of work to improve the quality and performance of the Importer. One of the most important modules in Simplifier that handles all files on upload, fetching from other servers, getting resources through the FHIR endpoint, editing them online or getting them from GitHub.

Skipping unchanged files

Most users still use the regular upload of a zip as their way of getting their FHIR resources in Simplifier. In a lot of those cases, only a few files in that zip have changed since their last upload. That resulted in a lot of unnecessary new versions from the unchanged files. We now compare the content of all imported files with the latest version in Simplifier and skip the import of those files when no change is made.

References tab improvements

Based on feedback we made our first wave of improvements on the new References tab on the Resource pages. This tab shows you all incoming and outgoing references to your resource. We cleaned up the table, added some buttons and added a token editor to filter types of references. We expect more improvements in upcoming releases. This feature is still in beta. If you have suggestions, let us know through the feedback button on Simplifier.

URL improvements

We made several improvements to our URL's. to make them cleaner and shorter. This is an ongoing process. Using redirects we've made sure that the old - existing links don't break.

GitHub Sync all

The sync button for linked projects with Github used to only fetch files that are missing in Simplifier. Simplifier now also checks for changes of existing files and updates them when necessary.

Linking to GitHub

If you now start linking a project to a github repository, your repositories will be grouped by organization, to give you a better overview of what belongs where.


We have made several improvements in the performance of validation and snapshot generation.

Organization scope.

All organizations now have a scope (international, national, regional, etc.) and a nationality. This allows you to more easily see if an organization is relevant for you.

That's all. As always: we welcome feedback. You can using the feedback button at the top of the page.

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