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Last week we released Simplifier 29.4. This release was focused on fixing customer support requests and issues.

A vastly improved IG editor.

  • The layout of the IG editor has been cleaned up.
  • You can now switch between pages and files view.
  • Users now have more control over meta data and the configuration files behind the rendering.
  • A configuration menu was added.
  • We have simplified and improved drag and drop.
  • Added a page dropdown menu.

'Invisible' pages in your guide

You can now add pages to your implementation guide that are not visible from a menu or an index. You can use the editor to do that, or you can simply remove the page from the toc.yaml in the same folder.

PlantUML directly in your pages

You can now write Plant UML scripts in an ImplementationGuide page that will automatically render. You can insert PlantUml between a <plantuml> and </plantuml> tag write and maintain it directly within a Markdown page. For examples on how to use plantuml itself, see our playground: https://simplifier.net/plantuml

Allow FQL embed via html tags.

To be consistent and make it easy to add new languages and syntaxes, we now have an HTML tag for every kind. For now these two: <fql> and <plantuml>.


Every month we get hundreds of spam accounts. We have added captcha to our sign up form for a limited group of users that match a possible-spam signature.

Bug fixes

  • New Structure Definitions get an abstract label when they are abstract.
  • Endorsed projects on organization pages now show project description
  • In a copied IG, pages are no longer out of order
  • Adjusted what features writers and admins on a project can access
  • Allow exporting IG's of archived projects
  • IG copying got stuck in some cases
  • Improved documentation for YamlGen https://simplifier.net/docs/yamlgen/
  • Add private label for private packages
  • Add an index file (toc.yaml) when creating a folder in a guide
  • Packages (.tgz) no longer allow duplicate file names
  • Allow longer IG page names
  • Preview guides are now indexed for search. Check out: https://simplifier.net/search?preview-guides
  • You can now search for canonical (urls) in the search Checkout: https://simplifier.net/search?Term=http://hl7.org/fhir/StructureDefinition/Patient
  • Deleting a legacy guide used to get stuck
  • Organizations that have a dash in the name are now also found in search

As always, please provide us with any feedback using the Feedback button top-right on Simplifier.net or email simplifier@fire.ly.

Other news from Firely
Ward Weistra 🔥
You may not notice the main work behind this release directly, but we are now capturing the amount of views and downloads on all FHIR entities (packages, projects, resources, guides, organizations).
Martine Berden
To support the fast-growing demand for FHIR solutions in the US, we have scaled up our presence by establishing a new company: Firely USA Inc.
Els van bergeijk
Two new free Firely e-learning courses available, including FHIR Profiling Introduction
Ward Weistra 🔥
By using variables in dynamic tables, you can now create consistent pages with widgets and tables, customized for every resource.
Ward Weistra 🔥
We look forward to collaborating with you on many more FHIR specifications in the new year.
Els van bergeijk
This eBook provides a complete overview of the relevant US healthcare regulations, implementation guides, and technologies and will help you understand their scope.
Ward Weistra 🔥
An update on new features for guides, invites and canonical claims and a resolved security issue around private packages.
Martine Berden
Execute and evaluate CQL, Clinical Quality Language, on FHIR resources
Rob Langezaal
Forge is now officially supports the R5 FHIR release. Visualization of resources is now conistent with Simplifier.
Ward Weistra 🔥
With many more widgets for your implementation guide it's now a lot quicker to make a consistent IG page.