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This profile may be used as a) an entry of the FHIR Bundle consumed by the near real-time request, b) an entry of the contained bundle in the FHIR MeasureReport resource, c) as an entry of the FHIR patient bundle.
  • type Profile on Claim
  • status Active
  • version

Type srx-profile-bundle-nrt-request
Profile Validation Profile
Type srx-fhir-profile-bundle-nrt-request
Profile RxSpecialtyInsights
Conforms An Example of a Claim
Example Test Library Profile
Type srx-fhir-profile-bundle-nrt-request
Profile (project)
Type srx-fhir-profile-bundle-patient
Profile (project)
Constraints Claim
Profile Core StructureDefinitions - STU3
Uses resource-date-created
Extension (project)
Uses data-source-entity
Extension (project)
Uses source-filename
Extension (project)
7 04/18/2018 18:22:42 Angelica Edit
6 02/28/2018 21:50:54 Angelica Fhir
5 02/28/2018 21:49:04 Angelica Fhir
4 02/28/2018 20:04:17 Angelica Fhir
3 02/01/2018 18:19:19 Angelica Fhir
2 02/01/2018 18:12:00 Angelica Fhir
1 02/01/2018 18:11:45 Angelica Fhir

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