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Release notes

Contains a fix for invariant sdf-20 (no slicing on root). This is a bug in the specification, so we choose to deviate here and fix it.

Simplifier.Core.STU3.ProfilesOthers 3.0.1     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.STU3 3.0.1     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.STU3.Profiles 3.0.1     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.STU3.Extensions 3.0.1     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.STU3.CodeSystems 3.0.1     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.STU3.ValueSets 3.0.2     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.Stu3.DataTypes 3.0.1     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.STU3.Resources 3.0.3     unlisted
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