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Release notes

I want to test how the release notes are shown:

This release fixes the following issue:

This release contains the following additional artefacts and adjustments:

  • Adjusted StructureDefinitions and examples for MedMij use case Images, initial publication.
  • Draft SearchParameter and CapabilityStatement resources of the MedMij use case BgLZ for public consultation.
  • Draft StructureDefinitions and examples for eOverdracht.

Snapshotted versions of the StructureDefinitions can be found here: Simplifier does not yet support creation of those during package creation. This feature is on Simplifier's roadmap as an enhancement.

Simplifier.Core.STU3 3.0.1     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.STU3.Profiles 3.0.1     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.STU3.Extensions 3.0.1     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.STU3.CodeSystems 3.0.1     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.STU3.ValueSets 3.0.2     unlisted
Simplifier.Core.Stu3.DataTypes 3.0.1     unlisted
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