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Release notes

Release candidate 10 for eOverdracht 4.0 conformance resources.

The conformance resources in this package should be considered stable for common use. However, the resources might still be subject to small but non-backward compatible changes.

This release fixes the following issues:

  • MM-4198: Corrected the wrong reference to a ConceptMap in the zib-LaboratoryTestResult-Observation profile.
  • EOVDR-309: In the profile eOverdracht-Task, a fixed code was placed on the element .fixedString. This has been corrected.
  • EOVDR-39: In the Task profile, the concept Sturende organisatie::Zorgaanbieder has now been mapped to both .requester.agent and .requester.onBehalfOf, allowing to specify a health professional on .requester.agent. Guidance has been added that this is about the action, not the content. In the Composition profiles, guidance has been added to that this element is about the person or device authoring the transfer request. zib-MedicalDeviceProduct has been added as a target profile.

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