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Release notes


  • Adjusted CBB status and included CBB maturity model (CBB-MM) level to every CBB.
  • Adjusted StructureDefinition.title by replacing whitespace with hypen
  • Adjusted language code from nl-NL to nl-BE.
  • Translated draft CBB ValueSets to English.
  • Fixed invalid JSON in CBB files caused by incorrect placed comma.
  • Fixed incorrect Range datatype to TimeInterval datatype in CBBs.
  • Added LaboratoryTestResult.LaboratoryTest.TestResultId to the CBB, changelog and as mapping in the profile


This release contains the below listed clinical building blocks (CBBs), including for some French translations, and their related HL7 FHIR R4 compliant profiles for data collections supported by (Sciensano). These CBBs and profiles have gone through our complete internal development process and are ready to be tested/reviewed externally. This release is therefore labeled with the -beta pre-release label.

HdBe-AddressInformation HdBe-AdvanceDirective HdBe-AlcoholUse HdBe-Alert HdBe-AllergyIntolerance HdBe-AnatomicalLocation HdBe-BloodPressure HdBe-BodyHeight HdBe-BodyTemperature HdBe-BodyWeight HdBe-ContactInformation HdBe-ContactPerson HdBe-DrugUse HdBe-Encounter HdBe-FunctionalOrMentalStatus HdBe-HealthcareOrganization HdBe-HealthProfessional HdBe-HearingFunction HdBe-InstructionsForUse HdBe-LaboratoryTestResult HdBe-LivingSituation HdBe-Measurement HdBe-MedicalDevice HdBe-MedicationAdministration2 HdBe-MedicationAgreement HdBe-MedicationUse2 HdBe-NameInformation HdBe-NursingIntervention HdBe-NutritionAdvice HdBe-Patient HdBe-Payer HdBe-PharmaceuticalProduct HdBe-Problem HdBe-Procedure HdBe-PulseRate HdBe-SmokingStatus HdBe-TimeInterval HdBe-TreatmentDirective2 HdBe-TreatmentObjective HdBe-Vaccination-event HdBe-VisualFunction


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