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Release notes

Disclaimer - Dependancy for "DAV-PKV Abgabedaten"(DAV-PKV-PR-ERP-AbgabedatenBundle) missing. Therfore not all canonicals can be resolved in profile for ChargeItem

New Feature "PKV" - Added profile definitions ChargeItem, Consent - ChargeItem includes new extension "markingFlag" - Added examples for ChargeItem and Consent - Added new workFlowTypes "200" and "209" in CodeSystem and ValueSet "flowType" - Added Dependency to DAV-Abgabedaten-Project insert-Packge-Name-here for PKV-Versicherte to be used in ChargeItem

Minor Changes - ErxReceipt with modified cardinality as it will have additional 'entry' Binary für ePrescription-Hash (severside generated) - Removed unnesecary and unused workFlowTypes in CodeSystem and ValueSet "flowType" - modified samples (less handcrafted, connectathon outcome used)

BugFixes - fixed slicing discriminator on ErxReceipt Bundle.entry

kbv.ita.erp 1.0.2
kbv.basis 1.1.3
de.basisprofil.r4 0.9.13     unlisted
hl7.fhir.r4.core 4.0.1
kbv.ita.for 1.0.3

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