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Populate Questionnaire

Generates a [[[QuestionnaireResponse]]] instance based on a specified [[[Questionnaire]]], filling in answers to questions where possible based on information provided as part of the operation or already known by the server about the subject of the [[[Questionnaire]]]. If the operation is not called at the instance level, one and only one of the identifier, questionnaire or questionnaireRef 'in' parameters must be provided. If called at the instance level, these parameters will be ignored. The response will contain a [[[QuestionnaireResponse]]] instance based on the specified [[[Questionnaire]]] and/or an [[[OperationOutcome]]] resource with errors or warnings. The [[[QuestionnaireResponse]]] instance will be populated with an unanswered set of questions following the group and question structure of the specified [[[Questionnaire]]]. If *content* parameters were specified or the *local* parameter was set to true, some of the questions may have answers filled in as well. In the case of repeating questions or groups, typically only one repetition will be provided unless answer values exist that would support populating multiple repetitions. Population of the [[[QuestionnaireResponse]]] with appropriate data is dependent on the questions and/or groups in the [[[Questionnaire]]] having metadata that allows the server to recognize the questions. This might be through **, through extensions such as the [[[]]] extension or through use of the [[[ConceptMap]]] resource. Regardless of the mechanism used to link the questions in a questionnaire to a "known" mappable concept, solutions using this operation should ensure that the details of the question and associated linkage element are sufficiently similar as to safely allow auto-population; i.e. the question text and context must be sufficiently the same, the value set for the question must fall within the value set for the mapped element, the data types must be the same or convertible, etc.
  • type OperationDefinition
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