Inera POC Clinical Building Blocks

Inera POC of implementing Clinical Building Blocks based on FHIR profiles
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Status overview

Inera (the ehealth architecture, standards and infrastructure coordination body for the public care payers of Sweden) is currently running a first PoC of FHIR informatics and protocols. The scope is to gather findings on the applicability of FHIR profiles and technical foundation to the Swedish implementation requirements on detailed clinical models. The PoC is focused on the Observation resource and the idea of creating derived profiles for clinical model building blocks. We are also investigating how the national HIE architecture concepts of virtualisation (incl routing) and aggregation could be mapped to FHIR standards and protocol. The PoC is based on existing requirements (existing observation profile and clinical building blocks) and standards (SOAP/GreenCDA), so there are no dependencies on business requirements gathering or prioritisation. The clinical building blocks in scope are those associated with an existing (implemented) use-case: the rendering av child growth curves, based in weight, height and head measurements. The PoC uses s Simplifier project ( and a bitbucket Project ( The project is scheduled to finish in May 2018 by reporting its conclusions.