This RocheĀ® Implementation guide publication describes how information from Roche diabetes care (RDC) is represented in FHIR and how the data can be exchanged through standard APIs.

This information will be helpful to systems engineers, and system programmers and it focuses on the API definitions that are necessary to provide connectivity between Roche and external systems.

Roche provides a health data exchange architecture exposing standard interfaces making data available to different information systems, devices and applications to access, exchange, integrate data using the most advances secure communication.

Promoting interoperability Roche provides timely and seamless portability of information and optimise the health of individuals and populations globally.

Interoperability levels:

Semantic: Provides for common underlying models (FHIR STU3) and codification of the data including the use of data elements with standardised definitions from publicly available value sets and coding vocabularies, providing shared understanding and meaning to the user

Structural: Structural interoperability is of medium complexity and defines the data structure of the information being passed between systems.