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HTTP Response Codes

This specification makes rules about the use of specific HTTP status codes in particular circumstances where the status codes SHALL map to particular states correctly, and only where the correct status code is not obvious. Other HTTP status codes may be used for other states as appropriate, and this particularly includes various authentication related status codes and redirects. Authentication redirects should not be interpreted to change the location of the resource itself. FHIR® defines an OperationOutcome resource that can be used to convey specific detailed processable error information. For a few combinations of interactions and specific return codes, an OperationOutcome is required to be returned as the content of the response. The OperationOutcome may be returned with any HTTP 4xx or 5xx response, but is not required - many of these errors may be generated by generic server frameworks underlying a FHIR® server.

IANA Defined HTTP Status Codes

The IANA HTTP Status Codes listed below describes HTTP responses that may be processed by the integration layer without accessing the OLIS solution. As a result, OperationOutcome resources would not be returned in these cases.

Table: IANA-Defined HTTP Status Codes

Response Code Description FHIR® Usage Notes
200 OK
400 Bad Request Resource could not be parsed or failed basic FHIR® validation rules (or multiple matches were found for
401 Unauthorized Invalid Client ID or Client Secret
404 Not Found Resource type not supported, or not a FHIR® end-point
405 Method Not Allowed The resource did not exist prior to the update, and the server does not allow client defined ids
500 Internal Server Error

Business Logic Error Codes

Table: Business Error Codes

Error Code Description FHIR® Usage Notes
110 The structure and/or content is not valid for the following parameter: '{0}' Error
924 Warning: Order {0} contained a virus that has been removed. Warning
320 Warning: Some or all of the requested laboratory information was not returned due to a patient consent directive. If appropriate, the query may be resubmitted with an override. Warning
920 Warning: At the time the query was submitted to OLIS, a patient-level block consent directive was in effect. Warning