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Business Rules

The following Business rules should be considered for implementation:

Table: Business Rules-UC1 (health care provider request) and UC2 (HIC organization request)

Business Rules # Business Rule Description FHIR® field /JWT token
UC1-101 The patient information provided in the query must be accurate according to the most recent Ontario Health Card Patient.identifier
UC1-102 A query request should not contain both specimen.collected and issuedDate parameters. specimen.collected or issued
UC1-103 When using End Date, End Date should be greater than the Start Date and should follow the equivalent parameter as in Start Date. specimen.collected or issued
UC1-104 Any parameters chosen in the filtering criteria should not have a blank value. All parameters
UC1-105 On encountering a test request level block; the following warning message must be populated along with the warning code 320: “Warning: Some or all of the requested laboratory information was not returned due to a patient consent directive. If appropriate, the query may be resubmitted with an override.” ProcedureRequest.extension (Test Request Level Block) returns a boolean value ‘true’ when a test request level block is populated. Note: The Health Care Provider Application will automatically receive the warning code and message from OLIS for a test request level block. Results that are blocked will not be displayed.
UC1-106 On encountering a patient level block; the following warning message must be populated along with the warning code 920: “Warning: At the time the query was submitted to OLIS, a patient-level block consent directive was in effect.”
UC1-107 User Id should be unique to the consuming application and issuing organization. The issuing organization should ensure that the user is valid and logs maintained for traceability purposes.
UC1-108 User Full Name should contain a valid full name of the user accessing the system. This includes first, second and last name; also designation and suffix if applicable.
UC1-109 The field lengths and requirements for data elements stated in the OLIS Interface Specification should be considered All fields

Search Query UC1 (health care provider request) and UC2 (HIC organization request)

Retrieves lab reports for a Health Care Provider based on selected criteria.

Table: Search Criteria

The resource cannot be rendered.

M = Mandatory

O = Optional

MX = One of either issued or specimen.collected must be submitted. Each of the parameters support the submission of an open-ended time frame (start time only) or a closed timeframe (start and end).

Y1 = Up to 100 codes may be submitted.

Y2 = Up to 200 codes may be submitted.

OLIS interprets multiple values submitted in a single parameter to be logically OR’d.

Complex parameters are identified in the second row of the table. Refer to the previous pages for detailed definition of complex parameters.