FHIR Message

FHIR Messaging is a defined collection of resources in a FHIR Bundle. The definition of the message is contained within a FHIR MessageDefinition, E.g.

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It is not currently possible to validate against a MessageDefinition in the HL7 Validator.

The recommended approach with the HL7 Validator is to validate the bundle using the -bundle parameter with the profile specified in the MessageDefintion.focus).

Example EPS

The prescription-order MessageDefinition, specifies MedicationRequest should conform to https://fhir.nhs.uk/StructureDefinition/NHSDigital-MedicationRequest-Message.

A prescription-order can be tested with the following command:

java -jar validator_cli.jar prescription.json -version 4.0.1 -tx n/a -ig uk.nhsdigital.r4 -bundle MedicationRequest:0 https://fhir.nhs.uk/StructureDefinition/NHSDigital-MedicationRequest-Message

The -bundle parameter says, test the first occurence of MedicatioRequest against the specified profile.

Example BARS

The bars-message-servicerequest-request-referral main focus resource is ServiceRequest with a profile of https://fhir.nhs.uk/StructureDefinition/BARSServiceRequest-request-referral

An example validation command is:

java -jar validator_cli.jar message.json -version 4.0.1 -tx n/a -ig https://packages.simplifier.net/uk.nhsdigital.r4.test/-/uk.nhsdigital.r4.test-2.6.32-prerelease.tgz -bundle ServiceRequest:0 https://fhir.nhs.uk/StructureDefinition/BARSServiceRequest-request-referral

The ig used is the NHSDigital development version and so the download url is specified, once this version is released this can be replaced with the normal 'uk.nhsdigital.r4' ig.

The -bundle parameter says, test the first occurrence of ServiceRequest against the BARS referral profile.

Message Conformance Profiles

EPS uses message specific profiles, i.e., it uses NHSDigital-MedicationRequest-Message which has additional rules to the normal NHSDigital-MedicationRequest (and also UKCore-MedicationRequest).

These rules will automatically be applied by the FHIR Validator. So, although no Patient profiles were specified in the FHIR MessageDefinition, the Patient resource in the FHIR Bundle MUST contain a nhs-number as required by the NHSDigital-Patient-PDS profile.