Device Search Interactions

The SCR API SHALL support a search interaction to return Device resources using search parameters for:

  • [Mandatory] Organisation code - ODS code of the target organisation (i.e. GP practice operating the software instance)
  • [Mandatory] MHS Interaction ID - type of Interaction supported by software instance
  • [Optional ] Manufacturer's organisation code - ODS code of the manufacturer's organisation (i.e. GP System supplier)
  • [Optional ] Party Key - identifier representing the target organisation and service interaction

Device resources are returned as a searchset Bundle containing 0, 1 or many matching Endpoint resources

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has been defined to specify search on the managingOrganisation extension

The Device Search Interaction supports GP Connect use cases by allowing a consumer system to retrieve the Accredited System (AS) record for a capability at a target GP provider organisation OR at their own organisation

Search Parameter

Data Item Query Parameter Query Target Example
Organisation code organization Device.owner organization=[GPSystemODSCode]
MHS Interaction ID identifier Device.identifier:NhsEndpointServiceId identifier=|[interactionId]
Manufacturer organisation code managing-organisation Device.extension:Extension-SDS-ManagingOrganisation managing-organisation=[supplierODSCode]
Party Key identifier Device.identifier:NhsMhsPartyKey identifier=|[partyKey]

Request pattern

GET [baseURL]/Device?

Example request

GET [baseURL]/Device?

Example response payload

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