Profiling Approach

NHS Digital Profiles

NHS Digital profiles build on UKCore profiles. They extend the UK definitions by adding England and NHS Digital data models, documentation and constraints. From a FHIR perspective they will have a baseDefinition which will be a UK Core profile.

Diagram below shows the NHS Digital focused additional documentation:

The scope of these profiles is NHS Digital API's and they will have a definition of{resourceName}


profile constraints

NHS Digital profiles make use of FHIRPath based constraints.

The diagram below shows expressions on NHSDigital-PractitionerRole.practitioner which enforce/test consistency with the NHS Data Dictionary

Note: a more human readable version of these practitioner constraints is available in in the identifier section.

NHS Digital Constraint Profiles

In addition we have constraint profiles which will add API specific constraints to NHS Digital (or UKCore) profiles. They will be of the format:{resourceName}-{constraintName}


This profile has a baseDefinition of and adds in mandatory constraints to practitioner plus organization.