Extensions Used in Finnish PHR Profiles

FHIR specification requires that extensions are defined in structure definitions. PHR uses simple data type profiles as extensions. Extension elements in using profile has a descriptive name.

Finnish PHR Application Information extension:

  • Extension specifies information about the application that created the resource instance.
  • Used in all Finnish PHR profiles.
  • The Finnish PHR platform will add the information about the creating application in resource instances. Any data stored in these elements by the storing application itself will be overwritten by the platform.

Finnish PHR boolean extension:

Finnish PHR UnsignedInt:

Finnish PHR Medication context:

  • Extension specifies codeableConcept type, telling is the measurement done before or after the use of medication, or the medication is not used.
  • Used in Finnish PHR Peak Expiratory Flow profile (MedicationContext)

Finnish PHR PQTranslation extension:

  • Specifies an alternative representation of the same physical quantity expressed in a different unit from a different unit code system and possibly with a different value.
  • Used in Finnish PHR Blood Glucose profile (alternativeQuantity)

Finnish PHR Questionnaire enableWhen extension:

Finnish PHR Questionnaire Option Concept Coding extension: -Extension for adding a coding for the concept described by Questionnaire item.option.valueCoding (which in turn is a coding identifying/specifying an answer).