Note: This is a draft version.

DAN-PSS-1 (Danish Prostatic Symptom Score) Questionnaire is currently available only in Finnish in Finnish PHR. You can find the official Finnish translation here https://www.terveyskirjasto.fi/xmedia/hoi/hoi11010a.pdf. The scoring of the Questionnaire is described here http://www.kaypahoito.fi/web/kh/suositukset/suositus?id=hoi11010 in Finnish.

The Questionnaire consists of an introduction part which is followed by the actual DAN-PSS-1 questions in their own group.

  • The introduction group includes preliminary questions that will determine whether the person is applicaple for answering the actual DAN-PSS-1 questions.
  • The actual DAN-PSS-1 questions are also grouped, based on the scoring.
    • The questions are divided into two groups, "Tyhjenemisoireet" and "Kertymisoireet", which will each have a scoring of their own. The scoring SHALL be stored in the last item of each group ("Part1Points" and "Part2Points").
    • The two groups mentioned above are also divided into smaller groups that present question pairs, that have a scoring of their own. The scoring for each question pair SHALL be stored in the last item of each question pair group (ie. "QuestionPair1Points", "QuestionPair2Points", etc.)
    • The score for each answer option is indicated next to the available answer options in the contained ValueSets in the Questionnaire.
    • The total score for the Questionnaire is calculated by adding the "Part1Points" and "Part2Points", and SHALL be stored in the second to last item in the Questionnaire ("totalScore"). In addition, the Questionnaire SHALL have a textual feedback that will be stored in the last item of the Questionnaire ("textualFeedback").

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