Cancer Phenome-Biobanking Project

Establishment of a Philippine Cancer Phenome-Biobanking System And Biomonitoring Program
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Status overview

IHITM 2016-013: Establishment of a Philippine Cancer Phenome-Biobanking System and Biomonitoring Program

PH Project Leader: Michael C. Velarde (UP DIliman)
UC Project Investigator: Dr. Linda C. Giudice (UC San Francisco)

This project aims to establish a human phenome-biobanking system on cancer. Once this biobanking system proves to be successful, University of the Philippines Manila - Philippine General Hospital (UPM - PGH) can maintain the project and expand to collect other types of cancers, as well as other pathologies.

Part of the project is to create a system that will facilitate long term storage of patient information, as well as easy access of medical professionals and researchers to relevant patient information without compromising patient confidentiality. As part of the extensive cancer phenome-biobanking system, the project will setup two new extensions: (a) the human cell repository system and (b) the biomonitoring program.

The phenome-biobanking system will complement Philippine government-funded projects on health by providing access to relevant patient information, human tissue samples, human cell culture materials, and data on threatening levels of endocrine disruptors in Filipinos. The biobanking system aims to build an infrastructure that will serve as a model for collecting patient information and human specimens in the Philippines.

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