Forge is a user-friendly Windows desktop application for authoring FHIR profiles. A powerful graphical user interface that allows modelers to easily create, edit and validate FHIR profiles, extensions and implementation guides.

Forge integrates with Simplifier. You can fetch and publish resources to your Simplifier projects. Forge also provides smooth integration with online FHIR servers and FHIR registries, so you can download and publish profiles.

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  • Create and edit FHIR Profiles
  • Create and edit FHIR extension definitions
  • Create and edit FHIR conformance packages
  • Validate FHIR profiles
  • Fetch and publish profiles from/to a FHIR server
  • Fetch and publish profiles from/to a FHIR registry
  • Define formal constraints
  • Define slices
  • Define value set bindings
  • Define mappings