Velferdsteknologisk Knutepunkt VKP-R4

This is the implementation guide for integrating through I1 or I2 into the VKP (Velferdsteknologisk informasjonsknutepunkt) infrastructure.


The use cases supported by VKP are described below. Note that if more than one resource is sent/retrieved (e.g. an Encounter and a Composition), these will always be contained in a Bundle .

Report a physical or digital supervision

A physical or digital encounter is reported as a VkpEncounter, representing the participants, including device(s), involved and the follow-up actions taken. Additionally, a description of follow-up actions taken by health personnel can be reported, using a VkpComposition.

Report an alarm/event

An alarm is reported as an VkpDetectedIssue. The structured information about the follow-up of the alarm, including participants/devices is reported using a VkpEncounter The textual description of follow-up actions taken by health personnel is reported using a VkpComposition.

Report a medication dispenser event

Succesful medication dispenser events are reported using VkpMedicationDispense. Alarms/unsuccessful medication dispenser events are reported as described under "Report an alarm/event" above.

Retrieve patient information

Information about the patient is retrieved using the VkpPatient resource. Additionally, information about the patients services (tjenester) can be retrieved, using the EpisodeOfCare resource.

Retrieve care plan

The care plan is represented by the VkpCarePlan resource.