Patient Profiles & Interactions

Summary of Patient Profiles

Name Type Description Example
ca-bc-careconnect-bundle Resource A FHIR bundle that contains a list of resources Patient $match, Patient Search by PHN,Patient Search by MRN
ca-bc-careconnect-patient resource A FHIR patient resource Simple Patient
ca-bc-careconnect-operation-outcome resource A FHIR operationOutcome Operation Outcome
ca-bc-careconnect-calculated-age extension Patient age based on the date of birth and the decessed date or if not available, current system date
ca-bc-careconnect-human-name-given-en-qualifier-extension extension An extension for patient given name qualifier, i.e. call-me name
ca-bc-careconnect-is-historical-indicator extension An extension to indicate data is included as for reference that it might have been used in the past and no longer active
ca-bc-careconnect-is-verified-indicator extension An extension to indicate data has been verified against its source for confirmation
ca-bc-careconnect-last-modified-date-extension extension An extension to note the last time data was modified at source
ca-bc-careconnect-telecom-source-type extension An extension to indicate telecome source type is from the local code set, not from FHIR or HL7 code set

Summary of Patient Interactions

The API exposes one FHIR operation, and three FHIR interactions:

  1. Patient $match
  2. Patient Search by ID
  3. Patient Search by MRN
  4. Patient Read