NHS England FHIR Implementation Guide (deprecated)

Important Announcement regarding this Implementation Guide
  • As of 04/10/2023, this implementation guide has been deprecated and all development on the legacy NHS England FHIR Implementation Guide assets has ceased.
  • Therefore, vendors looking to start new implementations or looking to update existing implementations should use the new NHS England Implementation Guide. Vendors continuing to implement legacy NHS England FHIR Implementation Guide based solutions do so at their own risk and on the understanding that no maintenance or support will be available.



The administration module is covers core base data used within NHS (England) interoperability and data standards. The data model standards are document in the NHS Data Dictionary

NHS Digital provides a wide area of API and registries to support administration across the NHS (England)

These standards are supported in all NHS (England) versions of HL7 and these mirror real NHS concepts.  

Patient Registers

Track people involved in receiving healthcare, the basics nearly everything else references back to

Name NHS (England) or UK Profile API or Registry Description
Patient Patient NHSDigital-Patient Personal Demographics Service - FHIR API Demographics and other administrative information about an individual or animal receiving care or other health-related services.
RelatedPersson RelatedPerson UKCore-RelatedPerson See Personal Demographics Service - FHIR API Information about a person that is involved in the care for a patient, but who is not the target of healthcare, nor has a formal responsibility in the care process.
Person Person Demographics and administrative information about a person independent of a specific health-related context.
Group Group Represents a defined collection of entities that may be discussed or acted upon collectively but which are not expected to act collectively, and are not formally or legally recognized; i.e. a collection of entities that isn't an Organization.


Type Description
Patient Notification Events For PAS or MPI events see ADT_A28, ADT_A31 and ADT_A40 in HSCIC ITK HL7 V2 Message Specifications

For PDS see Personal Demographics Service Notifications - FHIR

Service Provider Directory Resources

Service Provider Directory resources are usually stored in the administration section of applications, and may even be synchronized from external systems.

Name NHS (England) or UK Profile API or Registry Description
Organization Organization NHSDigital-Organization Organisation Data Service - FHIR API

Organisation Data Service - ORD API

Organisation Data Service
A formally or informally recognized grouping of people or organizations formed for the purpose of achieving some form of collective action. Includes companies, institutions, corporations, departments, community groups, healthcare practice groups, payer/insurer, etc.
Location Location NHSDigital-Location Details and position information for a physical place where services are provided and resources and participants may be stored, found, contained, or accommodated.
Practitioner Practitioner NHSDigital-Practitioner Organisation Data Service A person who is directly or indirectly involved in the provisioning of healthcare.
PractitionerRole PractitionerRole NHSDigital-PractitionerRole Spine Directory Service - LDAP API A specific set of Roles/Locations/specialties/services that a practitioner may perform at an organization for a period of time.
HealthcareService HealthcareService NHSDigital-HealthcareService Directory of Services - Urgent and Emergency Care - REST API

Electronic Prescription Service Directory of Services API
The details of a healthcare service available at a location.
Endpoint Endpoint SDS-Endpoint Spine Directory Service - LDAP API

Spine Directory Service - FHIR API
The technical details of an endpoint that can be used for electronic services, such as for web services providing XDS.b or a REST endpoint for another FHIR server. This may include any security context information.


Scheduling and Appointments 

The Scheduling/Appointment resources permit the planning of encounters to occur and follow on with other clinical activities.

Name NHS (England) or UK Profile API or Registry Description
Schedule Schedule UKCoreSchedule Booking and Referral - FHIR API A container for slots of time that may be available for booking appointments.
Slot Slot UKCore-Slot Booking and Referral - FHIR API A slot of time on a schedule that may be available for booking appointments.
Appointment Appointment UKCore-Appointment Booking and Referral - FHIR API A booking of a healthcare event among patient(s), practitioner(s), related person(s) and/or device(s) for a specific date/time. This may result in one or more Encounter(s).
AppointmentResponse AppointmentResponse Booking and Referral - FHIR API A reply to an appointment request for a patient and/or practitioner(s), such as a confirmation or rejection.


Type Description
Appointment Notification Events For PAS events see ADT_A05 in HSCIC ITK HL7 V2 Message Specifications

Clinical Categorisation Resources 

Most clinical activities occur grouped in some way. Long term care is typically covered by an EpisodeOfCare, whereas short term care is covered by encounters. Account associates the tracking of transactions back to a Patient (or other resource). Flag is just used to highlight a warning or other notification about a patient (or other resource)

Name NHS (England) or UK Profile Alias Description
EpisodeOfCare EpisodeOfCare EpisodeOfCare Case Program Problem An association between a patient and an organisation / healthcare provider(s) during which time encounters may occur. The managing organisation assumes a level of responsibility for the patient during this time.
Encounter Encounter UKCore-Encounter Visit An interaction between a patient and healthcare provider(s) for the purpose of providing healthcare service(s) or assessing the health status of a patient.
Account Account Cost centre A financial tool for tracking value accrued for a particular purpose. In the healthcare field, used to track charges for a patient, cost centers, etc.
Flag Flag UKCore-Flag Barriers to Care, Alert Prospective warnings of potential issues when providing care to the patient.


Type Description
Encounter Notification Events For PAS events see ADT_A01, ADT_A02, ADT_A03, ADT_A04, etc in HSCIC ITK HL7 V2 Message Specifications
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