NHS England FHIR Implementation Guide (deprecated)

Important Announcement regarding this Implementation Guide
  • As of 04/10/2023, this implementation guide has been deprecated and all development on the legacy NHS England FHIR Implementation Guide assets has ceased.
  • Therefore, vendors looking to start new implementations or looking to update existing implementations should use the new NHS England Implementation Guide. Vendors continuing to implement legacy NHS England FHIR Implementation Guide based solutions do so at their own risk and on the understanding that no maintenance or support will be available.


When deploying a FHIR RESTful endpoint, the FHIR standard defines the standard RESTful operations that can be carried out on individual resources (read, vread, search, etc), resource types, or globally on a server.

The target architectural model for a FHIR endpoint is RESTful as described here. Therefore, designers of FHIR APIs should seek to align with this model, and make use of RESTful CRUD operations.

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