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Revision History

v 0.9.0 10th April 2019 Original Draft
v 0.9.1 13th June 2019 Updated the implementation guide to include the Open Review comments and make it suitable for the provincial rollout
v0.10.0 1st Dec 2019 Updated the provincial spec to incorporate Home and Community Care Pathway
Leveraged tooling support (Forge & Simplifier) to profile resources
Updated Terminology page with provincial value sets.
v0.10.1 20 July 2021 Updates and clarifications to expected use of messaging, including updates to the MessageEventCode value set
(agreed to by eReferral WG on June 22, 2021);
Technical corrections to existing FHIR artifacts to enable resource validation, including:
- slicing in AllergyIntolerance & all extensions,
- fix URIs for references in profiles to match canonicals (vs Simplifier url);
Rework implementation guidance, replacing "Method 1", "Method 2" language with separate specification pages for:
- Direct Messaging integrations, and
- SMART integrations;
Added pages with implementation notes for Profiles and messages in the FHIR Artifacts menu;
Added CapabilityStatements for key system roles specified in the specification pages to clarify requirements
Added MessageDefinition artifacts to show expected use of message events / for reference in CapabilityStatements;
Updated examples for resources and added examples