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Communication Bundle


A Communication resource SHALL be the focus of messages corresponding to the following events:

Event Category Purpose Allowed Responses Response Situation
add-communication consequence To send a question or additional information about a ServiceRequest.

Message Bundle: Communication



Entries in the message Bundle for these business events will be determined by the content of the ServiceRequest the Communication is based on which, minimally, SHALL include:

The message SHOULD also include references to the Patient who is the Communication.subject, the PractitionerRole of the Communication.sender and any other Communication it was created in response to (Communication.inResponseTo). It MAY also include references to other ServiceRequest.supportingInfo sent by the Source.


To enable conformance testing against the requirements of this IG, the requirements summarized above are formally specified as contraints within FHIR artifacts published in this IG. Implementers are strongly encouraged to become familiar with these formal specifications and to rely on them as the source of truth.

Information about how implementers can validate message instances is provided on the downloads page of this IG.