Some resources can be reached using "a FHIR like" RESTFul API on the VKP. The relevant search parameters and interactions supported by the VKP is documented on each resource type. A CapabilityStatement is also in the works for the VKP. The VKP's RESTful API will follow this specification as far as possible https://www.hl7.org/fhir/http.html . Because the VKP doesn't connect to actual FHIR servers and is used to serve information to/from multiple API's on the backend, only a limited list of features will be supported. This means that the normal method of accessing a FHIR resource using the resource id on the server can not be used for the VKP:

GET https://vkp-dev.azure-api.net/75674/Patient/1234?_profile=http://ehelse.no/fhir/StructureDefinition/vkp-Patient-v06

Searches using Post and including token with identifier are however supported:

POST https://vkp.azure-api.net/v1/epj/{her-id}/Patient/_search

The full API documentation for VKP can be found here: https://vkp-dev.portal.azure-api.net