The VKP is currently based on Messaging for communication with the service provider over the I1 inteface. The message is structured as a FHIR bundle with the relevant FHIR resources to document the use-case.

Information model for the vkp-MessageHeader FHIR-profile:


You can find the resource on Notice that the path in the URL is exactly the same as the placeholder.

Profile of the MessageHeader resource. Used in the Norwegian Personal Connected Health project to document events from devices user at the patients home. Messages can contain Resources like:

  • vkp-MedicationDispense - to document MedicationDispense events
  • vkp-Location - to document changes of the Patients geoposition
  • vkp-Flag - to document events that need attention
  • Composition - additional information about handling of a reported event documented by the person handling that event
  • vkp-CarePlan - to document what is called "tjeneste", "tiltaksplan" and "arbeidsplan"
  • vkp-digital-Encounter - to document a digital (virtual) encounter