Profile of the no-basis-Patient profile resource. Used in the Norwegian Personal Connected Health project to document Patient information.

The vkp-Patient resource can be used both to get updated information from the EHR to the response centre or to update information in the EHR conserning the patient.


Update patient register


The use case to get updated patient information from EHR for all patient with the specific service.

Detailed patient information


The use-case to get full patient information conserning one specific patient. To be used to resolve an actual event.

Search parameters and return values

The server is expected to return a set of one or more vkp-Patient resources as a Bundle. If an error occurs an OperationOutcome resource should be returned.

For the full datamodel for vkp-Patient profile and corresponding examples, please review the complete documentation: vkp-Patient-v06

Usage of Patient attributes

Variable Description
identifier.FNR VKP expects a Norwegian "fødselsnummer" as the primary patient identification.
identifier.FHN Norwegian hjelpenummer for the patient
identifier.DNR Norwegian D-nummer of the patient. (assigned by Skatteetaten)
identifier.HNR Norwegian H-nummer of the patient
name Norwegian human name according to norwegian regulation (lov om personnavn).
nationality The nationality of the patient, a country code from ISO 3166-1 code system
telecom Electronic contact information (e.g. a telephone number or an email address) by which the patient may be contacted.
gender The gender that the patient is considered to have for administration and record keeping purposes: male / female / other / unknown
birthDate The date of birth for the patient
address An address expressed using postal conventions (as opposed to GPS or other location definition formats)
maritalStatus Marital (civil) status of the patient - see code system
photo Image of the patient
contact A contact party (e.g. guardian, partner, friend) for the patient
contact.relationship Type of relationship - see code system
communication.language The language which can be used to communicate with the patient about his or her health - see code system