Data Mapping

These pages provide mapping of the business entities and data to FHIR resources. The constraints that need to be applied to each FHIR resource using the UK Core profiles is provided on the indiviual profile pages which are linked from each mapping section.

Mapping Details

Business Entity Name Source Data Item Name Cardinality FHIR Target Mapping Notes
TestRequestSummary Contains a summary of the original test request
Identifier 1..1 ServiceRequest.identifier A business level identifier for the original test request.Set by the requesting organisation
Status 1..1 ServiceRequest.status The status of the original test request
Request Date and Time 1..1 ServiceRequest.authoredOn The date and time of the test request
Urgency 0..1 ServiceRequest.priority The urgency of the test request.
Requested Test 1..1 ServiceRequest.code The tests that have been requested
Request Reason 0..1 ServiceRequest.reasonCode The tests that have been requested