In the following can be seen which REST-APIs are available at the moment. By clicking on the different sections, a detailed explanation is provided.

Swagger Documentation

The following table gives an overview of all available swagger endpoints:

Service Type Swagger Endpoint
Entitylist Webapp server:port/entity-list/swagger-ui.html
Entitylist Backend server:port/entity-list/backend/swagger/swagger-ui.html
Pseudonymization Service Webapp server:port/pseudonymization-service/swagger-ui.html
Pseudonymization Service Backend server:port/pseudonymization-service/backend/swagger/swagger-ui.html


REST interfaces

The following table gives an overview of the REST interfaces.

No. Name URL Required client role Request type Request param Request body
1 Pseudonymize server:port/v1/process trustcenter-facade POST JSON FHIR Bundle
2 Save Pseudonym server:port/entity-list/backend/pseudonym/save backend-entitylist POST resourceType JSON FHIR Parameters
3 Save Pseudonym server:port/pseudonymization-service/backend/pseudonym/save backend-pseudonymization POST resourceType JSON FHIR Parameters
4 Get Bloomfilter server:port/entity-list/backend/bloomfilter backend-entitylist POST JSON FHIR Parameters
5 Get Bloomfilter server:port/pseudonymization-service/backend/bloomfilter backend-pseudonymization POST JSON FHIR Parameters