As depicted in Figure 1, the resource list comprises an external application programming interface as well as a web application. Both components are connected to the same database. They are described in detail in the following sections.


Figure 1: Resource list component overview.


External API

The resource list provides RESTful interfaces for different usage scenarios. An overview of currently supported interfaces can be found in the section Operations.


Web application

The web application provides personnel of the trust center with a graphical interface for resolving the relationship between identifying information and the associated pseudonym (or if configured as a pseudonymization service: between a level-1 pseudonym and a level-2 pseudonym). The web application, which consists of a frontend and a backend, provides the functionality to search and view information stored about the mappings for patients, encounter and other types of resources (see section Overview).

For example, Figure 2 shows a screenshot of the view provided for resolving information about patients. This view provides a search field where a search string may be entered at the top as well as a table displaying the results at the bottom.


Figure 2: Screenshot of the patient view.


External dependencies

The resource list has the following dependencies to external components:

  • Keycloak for user and access management.