Instantiation of the trust center

Figure 1 shows an overview of how the components described in the previous section can be configured and combined with additional services to instantiate the trust center infrastructure.



Figure 1: Overview of service instances, configuration details and additional components making up the trust center infrastructure.


The external components have been omitted for brevity. It can be seen that the resource list has been instantiated twice: as Entity List and as Pseudonymization Service (see here). Both services have been configured to ignore master data. The level-1 and level-2 pseudonyms are encrypted with the public key of the pseudonymization service and of the DIC, respectively.

An external DIFUTURE Client is used to synchronously communicate with the trust center via the Interface component. This component receives a FHIR Bundle via its RESTful API and passes it through the Entity List and the Pseudonymization Service, effectively performing a 2-level pseudonymization.