Implementation guide for interoperable medicines

This guidance is under active development by NHS England and content may be added or updated on a regular basis.

Welcome to the implementation guide for digital medicines

IMPORTANT: This implementation guide supports adherence to the Information Standards Notice DAPB4013: Medicine and Allergy/Intolerance Data Transfer.

The contents of this guidance have been authored by NHS England with the support of NHS Trusts, software suppliers, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Healthcare professionals across the United Kingdom.

Note: The majority of the FHIR Assets referenced within this implementation guide are now part of UK Core. Implementation guidance within this publication is supplementary to that published within UK Core.

If you are specifically looking for dose syntax guidance then find it under the FHIR Assets | Element: Dosage menu.

If you are brand new here, it is recommended you first read the Introduction.

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This guide references other guides published by NHS England.

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