Implementation guide for interoperable medicines

This guidance is under active development by NHS England and content may be added or updated on a regular basis.


Note: This section should, in time, be superseded by the UK Core Access API.

An objective for publishing this implementation guidance is to establish a search interaction standard that can be adopted across all systems aligned to the FHIR UK Core standard.

When searching a clinical system, ICS or shared records system, the adoption of a common GET API syntax for search operations would allow the same software to access FHIR resources from any compliant system, by using a different base URL.

GET by 'identifier', such as NHS Number

To query a FHIR server for a specific resources for a given patient;

GET [base]/{resource}?patient:identifier=|{NHS_Number}

Or if querying an NHS Scotland implemenmtation;

GET [base]/{resource}?patient:identifier=|{CHI_Number}

For example;


See additional guidance for a query for current medication.

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