Implementation guide for digital medicines

This guidance is under active development by NHS Digital and content may be added or updated on a regular basis.

Identifier within the Bundle

Where a FHIR server is not available or not used within an implementation, the reference by identifier within the same Bundle is the next recommended implementation option.

<Bundle xmlns="">
		<fullUrl value="patient-2245386903"/>
			<!-- patient details for Joe Bloggs -->
		<fullUrl value="medication-87652004"/>
			<!-- medication details for Atenolol -->
					<reference value="patient-2245386903"/>
					<display value="Joe Bloggs"/>
					<reference value="medication-87652004"/>
					<display value="Atenolol"/>
				<!-- other elements of the MedicationRequest resource -->

The use of a Bundle means an implementation is using a messaging approach. If a FHIR MessageHeader Resource is included then it becomes an implementation of a FHIR Message.

A typical implementations of a FHIR Messaging end-point would use the $process-message operation, e.g.

POST {base}/$process-message

The definition of each FHIR Message implemented would be defined outside the FHIR standard.

An alternative RESTful implementation would be to POST to a generic Bundle end-point.

POST {base}/Bundle

The definition of which Resources are supported by such an end-point would have to be defined outside the FHIR specification.

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