Implementation guide for interoperable medicines

This guidance is under active development by NHS England and content may be added or updated on a regular basis.

Detailed Logic for Step 1 - Get relevant child products of the VTM

TO DO. The SQL query needs to be extended to bring in relevant AMPs.

A suitable SQL query to return child VMPs for a VTM, with optional Route or Form constraints would be as follows. This assumes INVALID concepts and VMPs where no actual products are available has been excluded from the database.

SELECT vmp.vmpid AS vmpId
     , AS vmpName
     , vmp.udfs_dose_uomcd AS unitDoseFormStrength
     , vpi.strnt_dnmtr_uomcd AS denominator
  FROM vtm
    ON ( vtm.vtmid = vmp.vtmid )
 INNER JOIN vmpform 
    ON ( vmp.vmpid = vmpform.vmpid )
 INNER JOIN vmproute 
    ON ( vmp.vmpid = vmproute.vmpid )
    ON ( vmp.vmpid = vpi.vmpid )
 WHERE vtm.vtmid = {insert_vtm_id}
   AND ( vmpform.formid = IN_form_id OR ISNULL(IN_form_id) )
   AND ( vmproute.routeid = IN_route_id OR ISNULL(IN_route_id) )

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