NHS England FHIR Implementation Guide (deprecated)

Important Announcement regarding this Implementation Guide
  • As of 04/10/2023, this implementation guide has been deprecated and all development on the legacy NHS England FHIR Implementation Guide assets has ceased.
  • Therefore, vendors looking to start new implementations or looking to update existing implementations should use the new NHS England Implementation Guide. Vendors continuing to implement legacy NHS England FHIR Implementation Guide based solutions do so at their own risk and on the understanding that no maintenance or support will be available.


Conformance url

This FHIR R4 profile is designed to set a core Flag standard for:

  • FGM
  • CPIS
  • Reasonable Adjustments

Search Parameters

Name Type Description Conformance Path
patient:identifier token The identity of a subject to list flags for SHALL Flag.subject.where(resolve() is Patient) (Patient)

Additional parameters can be on Flag - Search Parameters

Mandatory Search Parameters


SHALL support searching using the patient:identifier search parameter.

GET [baseUrl]/Flag?patient:identifier={system|}[code]


GET [baseUrl]/Flag?patient:identifier=9876543210

Return all Flag resources for a Patient with an identifier 9876543210.

Optional Search Parameters

None defined

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