Pilot Implementation Checklist

Preparation Phase

  • Develop timeline
  • Develop system design document
  • Develop personas and use cases
  • Develop initial testing profiles
  • Develop Implementation Guide (IG)
  • Conduct security and risk assessment
  • Conduct data element mapping to align source data representations with what's expected in applications or by downstream recipients
  • Develop synthetic data sets for testing
  • Complete build for integration
  • Complete "hello world" setup
  • Develop implementation strategy matrix
    • Resource PMID: 25889199 (especially Table 3) for key ideas in developing a multifaceted implementation approach

Pilot Phase

  • Develop basic outlines
  • Develop data collection plans
  • Develop tip sheet templates
  • Develop training materials examples
  • Develop tracking matrix for monitoring progress
  • Develop testing timeline
  • Develop test plan
  • Develop test process
  • Conduct testing
  • Incremenetally update IG as needed

Evaluation Phase

  • Develop and conduct surveys
  • Conduct interviews
  • Review data collected from pilot
  • Complete evaluation of data elements
  • Summary and form recommendations
  • Incrementally update IG as needed