Pilot Site Readiness Checklist

Patient population considerations

  • Potential population of interest/target population for the project
  • Target clinical stakeholders to support the pilot
  • Associated organizations or individuals to support the pilot
  • Sustainability plan to support the work beyond the pilot period

Staffing considerations

  • Clinical champion(s)
    • Person responsible for identifying the clinical staff needs and for keeping them informed and engaged throughout the pilot
  • Project manager(s)
    • Person responsible for managing training documentation, training expectations and for coordinating any data collection throughout the pilot
  • Technical liaison(s)
    • Person responsible for assisting with the details of the technical integration and implementation (see more details in the “Technical considerations” section below)

Technical considerations

Current practice to registry data exchange context

  • Does your existing EHR support exchange of (laboratory) data with the clinical registry today?
  • Does your existing workflow support the ongoing use of data and services from the registry?
  • Who are the engaged stakeholders in registry participation today?

Current EHR environment

  • Does your current EHR support SMART on FHIR standards today?
    • If so, which version (e.g. R4, DSTU3)?
  • What, if any, SMART on FHIR applications does your platform currently support?
  • Does your current EHR platform support or potentially support bulk data export?
  • Which FHIR resources, data elements, and operations are currently supported by your EHR platform?
  • How does your current EHR vendor support laboratory results reporting?
  • How likely is it that your EHR vendor would be willing to make and/or support code-level changes to enable any of the above?

Technical Staffing

  • In what ways are staff experienced with integrating standards-based applications and artifacts into vendor platforms?
  • Which technical staff will be available to assist in this effort, and what level of effort can they devote?
  • Are there operational roles you would anticipate needing and are those staff available?
  • What level of familiarity does your organization have with composing and using value sets or other terminologies?
  • Have your staff been engaged in creating and maintaining custom mappings between code systems?

Implementation considerations

  • What experience do you have with similar pilot implementations?
  • What existing internal resources are available for  training technical, administrative, and/or clinical staff?
  • What existing internal resources are available to provide ongoing technical support  for  any software intervention, e.g. support calls, trouble tickets, etc.?