Introduction and scope

The profile originates from the base resource CarePlan and contains information about the treatment and medication the patient has received. The profile also contains information about the patient's complication and the diagnostic samples and examinations. Thus, the profile contains all the information regarding the patient's treatment plan.




The profile contains five elements: identifier, status, intent, subject and supportingInfo. The element identifier contains a patient ID to ensure a connection to the patient to whom the treatment plan belongs. The element status is mandatory and is set to registered. The element intent states the type of CarePlan and is set to plan. The element subject contains a reference to the profile Patient. The element supportinInfo ensures that all registrations made in other profiles are collected in this profile and therefore, the element contains references to the profiles Observation, Procedure, ClinicalImpression, OrganizationHospital, DiagnosticReport and MedicationAdministration.