Simplifier Guide Name

For guide title use this format (Surescripts) + (Product Name) + (Implemenation Guide) + (version #)

Example Title:

"Surescripts Specialty Patient Enrollment for Third-Party Systems Implementation Guide 2.0"

Intro text - Include link to the Simplifier Project and information on what version of FHIR the product is based on. Note: The link from the Surescripts guide will be to this location. If this page is renamed the link will be broken.

Example Intro Text:

"This site holds the HL7® FHIR® profile information for the SRxDataResponse and SpecialtyEnrollmentResponse messages for Specialty Patient Enrollment that is stored in the Specialty Patient Enrollment simplifier project.

The SRxDataResponse and SpecialtyEnrollmentResponse use the FHIR Version R4 Bundle, for which the type of property is "message". This site describes the FHIR resources that together define these messages. The details on the site include a specification of the data types for the properties of the FHIR resources.

This site only includes the profiles that are required for the messages. Additional resources not specified may be included in the message as appropriate."