NHS Digital FHIR Medicines

Release Notes


  • Based on UKCore fhir.r4.ukcore.stu1 version 0.5.1
  • Based on NHS Digital IG 2.6.0. See Release Notes


  • Based on UK Core Implementation Guide 0.1.0 - STU1 (ukcore.release1.stu1.01.01)
  • Based on NHS Digital IG 2.3.0
  • NHSDigital-Task reprofiled to ensure consistency.
    • reasonCode moved to statusReason
    • reasonCode is now SNOMED CT
  • NHSDigital-Claim altered to make less use of subDetail, subDetail is now optional (to support non dispensed medications)
  • NHSDigital-MedicationRequest and NHSDigital-MedicationDispense now have extra validation constraints.
  • Examples corrected to use valid dm+d SNOMED CT

2.1.40-alpha (5/Aug/2021)

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