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HL7 v3 and FHIR Interactions

The table below shows the mapping of HL7 v3 Interactions to FHIR API calls, responses and messages. Note the FHIR messages are designed to flow from end to end and are not designed around EPS interactions (i.e. the Prescription Release Respones are very similar to the original Parent Prescription).

Prescribing Interactions

HL7 v3 Interaction HL7 FHIR Interaction
Parent Prescription - PORX_IN020101UK31 Prescription Order
Cancel Request - PORX_IN030101UK32 Prescription Order Cancel
Cancel Response - PORX_IN050101UK31 Prescription Order Cancel
Subsequent Cancel Response - PORX_IN050102UK32 See Prescription Tracker API

Dispensing Interactions

HL7 v3 Interaction HL7 FHIR Interaction
Nominated Prescription Release Request - PORX_IN060102UK30 Prescription Release
Nominated Prescription Release Response - PORX_IN070101UK31 Prescription Release
Patient Prescription Release Request - PORX_IN132004UK30 Prescription Release
Patient Prescription Release Response - PORX_IN070103UK31 Prescription Release
Prescription Release Rejection - PORX_IN110101UK30 Prescription Release
Dispense Proposal Return - PORX_IN100101UK31 Returning Prescriptions to EPS
Dispense Notification - PORX_IN080101UK31 Dispense Notification
Dispense Notification Update - PORX_IN080101UK31 Dispense Notification Update
Dispense Withdraw - PORX_IN510101UK31 Cancel a Dispense Notification
Dispense Claim Information - PORX_IN090101UK31 Dispense Claim
Reimbursement Claim Resubmit - PORX_IN090102UK31
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