NHS Digital FHIR Medicines


This message definition describes the rules for a Dispense Notification interactions used in a FHIR Messaging exchange.

Event Coding

System Code
Message Events dispense-notification


The FHIR Message Bundle MUST contain one MessageHeader resource conforming to NHSDigital-MessageHeader


Profile Min Max Notes
NHSDigital-MedicationDispense 1 *
NHSDigital-Patient 0 1 A traced NHS Number identifier MUST be present, untraced NHS Numbers are not permitted. This can be conveyed in two ways, as identifier reference in the subject element of the MedicationDispense resource or as an identifier in a Patient resource. If a NHS Number identifier is referenced in the MedicationDispense resources then a Patient resource SHOULD NOT be present in the Bundle.
<MessageDefinition xmlns="http://hl7.org/fhir">
    <id value="bf729ea8-280b-4109-b2f5-02ce8e51d870" />
    <url value="https://fhir.nhs.uk/MessageDefinition/dispense-notification" />
        <system value="https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4122" />
        <value value="bf729ea8-280b-4109-b2f5-02ce8e51d870" />
    <version value="1.0.0" />
    <name value="NHSDigitalDispenseNotification" />
    <title value="Pharmacy/Treatment Dispense" />
    <status value="active" />
    <date value="2020-10-02" />
    <description value="Notification of dispensed medication" />
        <system value="https://fhir.nhs.uk/CodeSystem/message-event" />
        <code value="dispense-notification" />
        <display value="Dispense Notification" />
    <category value="notification" />
        <code value="MedicationDispense" />
        <profile value="https://fhir.nhs.uk/StructureDefinition/NHSDigital-MedicationDispense-Message" />
        <min value="1" />
        <max value="*" />
    "resourceType": "MessageDefinition",
    "id": "bf729ea8-280b-4109-b2f5-02ce8e51d870",
    "url": "https://fhir.nhs.uk/MessageDefinition/dispense-notification",
    "identifier":  [
            "system": "https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4122",
            "value": "bf729ea8-280b-4109-b2f5-02ce8e51d870"
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "name": "NHSDigitalDispenseNotification",
    "title": "Pharmacy/Treatment Dispense",
    "status": "active",
    "date": "2020-10-02",
    "eventCoding": {
        "system": "https://fhir.nhs.uk/CodeSystem/message-event",
        "code": "dispense-notification",
        "display": "Dispense Notification"
    "description": "Notification of dispensed medication",
    "category": "notification",
    "focus":  [
            "code": "MedicationDispense",
            "profile": "https://fhir.nhs.uk/StructureDefinition/NHSDigital-MedicationDispense-Message",
            "min": 1,
            "max": "*"
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