NHS Digital FHIR Implementation Guide (Retired - 2.1.50)

This guidance is under active development by NHS Digital and content may be added or updated on a regular basis.


This NHS Digital FHIR Implementation Guide contains:

  • NHS Digital FHIR Profiles Additional rules and constraints which builds on and extends the UK Core Implementation Guide
  • NHS Digital FHIR Policy
  • FHIR Exchange Standards
    • RESTful API A (FHIR) resource exchange framework. A set of core search parameters can be found on the resource profile pages (see Resource Index below)
    • FHIR Messaging A messaging exchange framework. The FHIR equivalent of HL7v2 or traditional messaging
      • FHIR Workflow An (RESTful) alternative approach based on shared records.
    • FHIR Documents A document based exchange framework. The FHIR equivalent of HL7v3 CDA (clinical document architecture)

This is the base standard for NHS Digital FHIR R4 API's, these API's may have additional conformance which are found in the API documentation in NHS Digital API Catalogue.

Resource Index

Individuals Entities #1 Entities #2 Other
NHSDigital-Patient NHSDigital-Location SDS-Device NHSDigital-Bundle
NHSDigital-Practitioner NHSDigital-Organization SDS-Endpoint NHSDigital-CapabilityStatement
NHSDigital-PractitionerRole NHSDigital-HealthcareService NHSDigital-CommunicationRequest
Diagnostics Medications Workflow Billing
NHSDigital-Observation NHSDigital-Immunization NHSDigital-Task NHSDigital-Claim
NHSDigital-QuestionnaireResponse NHSDigital-MedicationRequest
Document Management Definitional Artifacts Security
NHSDigital-Composition NHSDigital-Flag NHSDigital-Questionnaire NHSDigital-OperationOutcome
NHSDigital-DocumentReference NHSDigital-Provenance

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