Overview# Overview to medico 26-Release of FHIR resources

Basic naming conventions to medico's FHIR usage

  1. Implementations of FHIR Ressources for direct use [FHIR-Resourcename]-[medicoResourceName]-[version], e.g. Encounter-Case-1
  2. Base-Implementations to resources These are not ment for direct use - rather they are references by other resources [FHIR-Resourcename]-Base-[version] e.g. Observation-Base-1

When you open a profile in either simplifier.net or Forge please look for

  1. Definition for the main resource
  2. For each element in the element-tree: The definition
  3. Watch for prefix "medico": Since there are so many texts copied over by default from the HL7 definitions there are a lot of texts not referencing medico's handling. medico: indicate that the text was specifically writter for medico.