This Implementation Guide is an example Computable Care Guideline (CCG) based on the FHIR Clinical Guidelines using the Lung Cancer Diagnosis Pathway from Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) (OH (CCO)).

This CCG walks through a patient's initial suspicion of cancer to diagnosis. The treatment portions have been left out of scope for now, but may be captured in future CCGs.

There are several trees of actions that the patient may walk down depending on what their results are at different points in the CCG. For example a patient may start with a suspicion of cancer, that may require radiology, surgery, and pathology in order to get a final diagnosis.

The three essential components of this profile are the FHIR Care Guidelines, synoptic reporting, and standard terminology such as SNOMED CT and RadLex.


This profile is a prototype of the Lung Cancer Diagnosis Pathway from OH (CCO) and should not be used in clinical settings. It is a representation of what is possible using FHIR CCGs.


Name Organization
Joel Francis Canada Health Infoway
Alex Goel Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario)
Mohammad Ibrahim Hamilton Health Sciences
Nityan Khanna Hamilton Health Sciences